Roll out the red carpet for your guests at your Hollywood/Awards or Film themed event. 

Whether it be a wedding or corporate event we can bring the occasion to life with anything from our majestic Oscar statues to movie related table centrepieces. We can Hollywood theme your whole venue with our rental props, backdrops and decorations. Please contact us for further details.  

Giant Popcorn Box

Giant Star Entranceway

Art Deco Entranceway

​Event Paparazzi:

Make your guests feel like stars for the night & give them a taste of the celebrity lifestyle! The red carpet awaits! All the glamour and glitz of the golden age of Hollywood. we'll make your guests feel like one of the movie legends, giving the full red carpet treatment and 'authentic' American paparazzi accents. Classically dressed in beige mackintosh, pinstripe and fedora we'll be there to catch the scoop and get the picture for the morning news. We need to keep our editors happy so after the red carpet we'll get past the gorilla in the monkey suit into the party to capture more moments of your guests. Our team of reporters, armed with the latest photographic equipment will make sure your guests have 'a night to remember' without you tearing your hair out going 'psycho' and 'when all is said and done' we'll be 'gone with the wind'

Hollywood Themed Prop Hire:

Giant Clapper Board

Giant Hollywood Letters


Celebrity Lookalikes:

Choose from our amazing range of celebrity lookalikes. These impersonators will mingle with the crowd, pose for photos and entertain bringing the spirit of the event to life. Here are a few of the popular entertainers we work with:

  • James Bond
  • Jack Sparrow
  • ​Marilyn Monroe
  • Batman
  • Elvis Presley
  • ​Sylvester Stalone

Giant Camera and Film Reel

Life Size Movie Camera

Life Size Oscar Statues

Shooting Star Props

Bond Silhouette Panel


Golden Palm Trees

Marilyn Silhouette Panel