GIANT BOOM BOX/GHETTO BLASTER - The ultimate 80s party prop.

This amazing item is a top quality sturdy  scenic prop. It has been designed to look like a classic ghetto blaster from the 1980s. LED lighting can be added as required to make it more flashy. Has been used in high profile band tours and parties with amazing effect.

Superb for all types of stage, studio, TV, event, arena, or as decoration...

  • Assembled dimensions 2500mm long x 1620 mm high ( plus handle) x 1740mm wide ( 1740mm  when Rostrum is set behind as well) 
  • Internal lighting for radio dials, 
  • Detachable  "carry" handle,  (which can be set in either of two positions, 
  • Rostrum for DJ to stand on at rear (6ft wide by 2ft deep and about 16.5 inches high, wooden, coloured plain matt black ) 
  • Electrical outputs are wired into back of prop for DJ usage

Has been used by a variety of artists and event organisers:

Graham Norton Show

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Giant Ghetto Blaster Boom Box 80s Party Prop Hire