There are numerous opportunities to promote your logo, brand and URL using the digital graffiti wall.

On screen 

The base of the wall


​Photo Borders

Social Media

​T-Shirts, Mugs, Keyrings etc.

  • The Digital Graffiti Wall creates a unique user experience live at your event.
  • Guests use digital spray cans to interact with your product or brand on the digital graffiti wall.
  • They then share their completed artwork to Facebook, Twitter or Email!
  • Several people can use the wall at one time, making it a perfect group experience tool.
  • ​The finished image can be printed on to paper, mugs or T-shirts.

  •  Please Note: We own all our products and are not a reselling agency

  • Guest will stand in front of a greenstudio backdrop for a picture.
  • The picture is displayed instantly on the 10ft screen of the Graffiti Wall.
  • Guest can choose to draw on the picture using digital stencils, stamps or freestyle by hand.
  • Each sessions has a time limit which can be adjusted. 2-min is the standard time limit.
  • After the session is completed, the picture is then printed instantly.
  • Logo or messages can be added to the print.
  • Guest has the option to email the picture with the included tablet\


The system cannot operate in a very brightly lit room, or an outdoor area unless it’s after sunset.

Space needed:

10ft x 20ft


The Digital Graffiti Wall supports a number of creative ways to integrate photography into the experience:

  • Automatic photo uploads from a DSLR Camera
  • Manual photo uploads from the photos folder
  • Live-View mode to capture photos via a webcam, just like a regular photo booth

Built-in backgrounds: From Las Vegas sights to beaches to ski slopes and more!
Professional Auto Green Screen Removal component
Includes Control bars for fine tuning
Amazing “Photo to Stamp” converter allows you to reposition, move, scale, rotate and place the photographed guest image anywhere on the virtual canvas



​Digital Graffiti Wall Hire:




Once guests are finished creating the artwork, they can simply share the image directly to their email address. Using the on-screen keyboard, guests type in their e-mail address and click “Send”. Email send-outs can be fully customized with a subject line, description and even a custom URL.


n addition to printing and saving the digital image, there are social publish options included. All social publish options support advanced settings that provide maximum flexibility in configuring emails sent from your server and using your Facebook and twitter accounts.

Publish to Facebook
Publish to Twitter


The Digital Graffiti Wall allows users to instantly print their creation as a unique keepsake from the event. 


The user can also choose to save the creation as:

A static image.
An animated GIF file with animated stamps.
A Time Lapse video of the creation process.

The user can then send his creation using email or publish it to social media using the options below.